Brand management software is a key ingredient in helping to maintain brand compliance and consistency. Research shows that consistent branding can have a greater impact on your bottom line than the quality of your product or service. Yes, brand image and consistency are that important. But not all brand management software is created equal. There is one software solution that accurately uses the acronym ETO. What is ETO software? What does ETO stand for? Let’s find out what it means, what the software does, and how it can help your marketing strategy.

ETO Software is Engineered to Order

brand management softwareThe ETO in BlueSky ETO stands for “engineered to order.” Succinctly, this means that the brand management system you purchase is uniquely yours. It’s not “cookie-cutter” software like some other brand management solutions. It’s also not identical to other brands that use the very same software. In other words, it’s custom made for your brand and engineered to the specifications you determine. It’s your very own brand management solution. Let’s see how it works.

Control Your Brand on Your Own Terms

It’s important to maintain brand consistency because it helps your business succeed. In fact, you can increase your profits by almost 25% if you get consistent with your branding. That should be reason enough to invest in an engineered-to-order brand marketing solution. But there are other ways you can enjoy the benefits of ETO software.

BlueSky ETO offers sophisticated yet easy-to-use web-based brand portals. This equips you with a brand marketing center, automated marketing production, and digital asset management. Here’s a summary of each one and how they’re customized for your brand’s needs.

Brand Marketing Centers

If you have a distributed brand or a franchise with local marketing needs, a brand marketing center can help you stay brand compliant. For example, your local partners can customize their marketing materials while staying within brand guidelines. This empowers and motivates them to do their own thing without stepping outside the boundaries of the brand.

Brand marketing centers are engineered to order for each business. They range in complexity from simple web-to-print portals for small brands to multichannel platforms that service hundreds or even thousands of users. BlueSky ETO performs a detailed needs assessment for each brand. Then we configure our technology into a sensible solution that serves as a perfect fit for each brand’s unique needs.

Automated Marketing Production

marketing automationTo define marketing automation, you only need to look at its basic functions. Automated marketing simplifies your repetitive marketing tasks, like email responses, social media posts, and other website actions. It saves time and money and it helps make your marketing life easier. In fact, you could reduce your overall campaign management time as much as 80% by automating some of your marketing duties.

BlueSky ETO offers sophisticated, customizable automation software. This allows you to streamline your marketing campaigns and deliver them across multiple channels. When your brand has ready-made marketing templates, creative assets, business rules, and robust reporting features working together, you have the tools you need to create engaging campaigns.

Let’s say you want to design an automated email marketing workflow so you can nurture your leads through the buying process. Your best plan of action is to send them personalized messages that address their specific needs—at specific times. When you deliver the right message at the right time, you’re helping them solve their problems. These emails help them along through the buying process until they make a purchase.

Digital Asset Management

digital asset managementWhat’s the best way to organize and distribute your digital marketing files to authorized users in the field? Digital asset management (DAM) software. This rapidly growing software industry is expected to reach a value of approximately $8 billion by 2024. With DAM software, there’s no need to update an entire email list of local users with the latest version of your digital assets. You also don’t need to respond to email requests for individual files anymore.

Instead, DAM software provides you with an online headquarters for all your electronic files. Then authorized users can download them from one convenient location. At BlueSky ETO, each DAM solution we launch is engineered to order for your brand. Our basic plan is cloud-based and web-accessible, and it comes with customizable levels of storage that you can adjust as needed.

Let’s look at a simple example of a brand asset management solution in action. Suppose you’re in the process of updating your brand’s logo. Naturally, it’s wise to distribute the logo to all your locations at the same time—with specific guidelines for its usage. Otherwise, you’ve got some locations creating marketing materials with your old logo and others designing with the new one. That leads to brand confusion, which is a known brand killer. With DAM software, however, you can organize your marketing assets in one cloud-based location so all your users have equal access. Additionally, you can distribute the logo in as many different forms as you like (.JPG, .PNG, .TIF, etc.) so it satisfies all the promotional possibilities you deem necessary.

What is ETO Software? Here’s Your Brand Management Solution

When your brand management software is engineered to order, you know it’s tailor-made for your brand’s specific needs. The look and feel of the portal is uniquely yours. You can adjust the amount of available storage space. Plus, you can automate the functions your brand needs. ETO software is a customizable solution.

Are you ready to talk about your own ETO software? BlueSky ETO offers custom-designed and integrated brand marketing centers, automated marketing production, and digital asset management solutions for your business. Schedule a free brand consultation to learn how our ETO software can help improve your marketing efforts.

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What is ETO Software?
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What is ETO Software?
What is ETO software? What does ETO stand for? Let’s find out what it means, what the software does, and how it can help your marketing strategy.
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