A Brand Marketing Center, or BMC, is a secure marketing resource where your company’s branded content lives. It’s designed so that your distributed user base, no matter where they are, can access it any time to create ads, banners, signs and more. A BMC also allows distributed users to utilize pre-approved branding and templates in their marketing efforts, empowering them with all your marketing resources in one place. Best of all, a BMC is scalable, providing support for local marketing efforts and global brand management. Take a look at the infographic below, to see how it all comes together:

How a Brand Marketing Center Works

brand marketing center benefits

Learn more about the unique benefits of Brand Marketing Centers here.

7 Factors Affecting Online Brand Management

You work hard to create a marketing strategy that helps your customers solve their problems. Each of your marketing channels needs a consistent voice and imagery that builds brand equity. You need to centralize your brand's communication efforts while at the same time...

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Brand Marketing Centers: 7 Key Benefits
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Brand Marketing Centers: 7 Key Benefits
Each Brand Marketing Center helps your organization create, manage, produce and distribute marketing collateral- all engineered around your needs.
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