Robust Reporting Software for Automated Marketing Campaigns

Compile and compare results across campaigns and platforms. Analyze and improve your marketing strategy.

Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy with Robust Reporting Software

Right now, your data is telling a story—are you listening? Gain game-changing insights from reporting software that’s easy to generate, customize, and analyze. What you learn will help you reduce supply chain waste, decrease production time, effectively focus your marketing efforts, and expand your reach and sales. Each Brand Marketing Center includes robust reporting and approval capabilities. Some of our most frequently generated reports include:

  • Direct Mail Distributionrobust reporting software
  • Direct Mail Production Status
  • E-commerce Sales Detail
  • Digital Asset Searches
  • Website Portal Usage
  • Summary Sales
  • Production
  • Product Orders Summary
  • Orders by Vendor
  • Storefront Administrator

We’re happy to share detailed samples of these reports. Access and explore them by registering for your free live demo today.

Reporting Software Capabilities

Your reporting options don’t end there. Robust reporting software from BlueSky ETO also offers insight into portal usage data, website visitors, e-commerce activities and stock, and coupon and promotional code redemption.

Here are just a few of the many ways your brand can leverage our growing list of reporting software capabilities:

  • Generate and download detailed reports at the touch of a button.
  • Track daily and monthly sales with reports that include order number, sales amount, shipping cost, tax amount, discounts, and coupons.
  • Track product sales by product name, quantity sold, and sales total. Sort by any field, ascending or descending.
  • Sort product and category popularity by total number of customer views.
  • Generate low inventory reports to learn which products are at or below the reorder level. Update reorder level and quantity in stock directly from the report page.
  • Identify largest buyers through the top customers report showing sales volume and number of orders placed.
  • Generate monthly report on abandoned baskets. View abandoned products in each virtual cart. Access customer-provided information to reach out to the customer to save the sale or identify their reason for abandonment.
  • Ensure browser compatibility as you customize and update your website. Track browser popularity by page views in a simple pie graph format.
  • Review monthly sales summaries from affiliate referrals including their total commission amounts earned.
  • Track coupon usage by coupon name, number of orders, and total of orders that have used the coupon.
  • View users who are browsing your e-commerce store in real-time. The Who’s Online Report links to the customer profile page where you can view additional details like the user’s current basket contents.
  • Access tax summary report, itemized by tax rule with selectable time periods.
  • The Audit Log records all administrator activities like logins, successful and failed, and password changes. Each user’s email and IP address is recorded. (Only viewable to a super user.)

Want to learn more about how you can leverage robust reporting software to take your brand to new heights? Schedule your one-on-one brand consultation today.

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Strengthen your sales and marketing strategies with robust reporting software.

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