Independent Dealer Client

Dealer Portal

The Challenge

A major building-materials company supports a network of dealers and contractors across North America. TPA, a leading co-op management and Trade Marketing company, was tasked with building a dealer portal where contractors and dealers could customize and order marketing collateral, purchase and register warranties, and order samples. Dealers and contractors also needed to be able to see details of their co-op balances and claims.

The Solution

BlueSky ETO worked with TPA and the client, engineering a solution that:

  • Allows contractors to customize/personalize marketing collateral online, and pay with available co-op dollars.
  • Replaced the phone-based ordering system for samples with a trackable, web-based system.
  • Replaced the mail-in warranty forms with an online warranty registration.
  • Allows contractors to view details of their co-op program, including available balance and claims submitted.
  • Allows the call center employees access to the portal so that they can use it to place orders or retrieve information on behalf of the contractor.

Faster, Better Service

Contractors with access

Dollars saved per quarter by eliminating duplicate sample ordering

Dollars saved each month in creative services for collateral customization


Reduction of co-op inquiry calls

Efficiency Gained

  • A wasteful, untrackable sample-ordering process turned into a streamlined solution that eliminated costly duplicate orders and saved the client $250,000 per quarter.
  • Creative services costs incurred for customizing dealer collateral were eliminated, saving $10,000 a month.
  • By moving warranty registration to the portal, registrations increased by 10%, while reducing the effort of getting accurate information into the system.


Increase in Warranty Registrations

Better Service

The dealer logs into their portal. Once they are logged in, an SSO (Single Sign-On) is utilized to grant them access to their co-op information and/or the web store. Call center employees must log in to the system separately and can access information for any contractor after passing a security gateway.

The dealer has access to their co-op balance, and can drill down to see co-op activity, claims, and also access forms and supporting documentation. They can also enter the “Ad-Builder” section and customize/order marketing collateral, register warranties, or order samples. At checkout they can elect to use their available co-op balance or pay via credit card.