Gannett Co., Inc. & Innerworkings

Gannett Subscriber Program

The Challenge

Gannett Consumer Sales and Services handles production and circulation of subscriber letters for more than 80 Gannett newspapers. The letters that are sent to subscribers have a great deal of local data that changes often.

Every aspect of the customer communication is variable, driven by their specific subscription, length of subscription, and local events. With this complexity and large quantities, Gannett wanted to find a way to enhance its process.

The Solution

Gannett and its partner, InnerWorkings, came to BlueSky ETO for ideas. The first step was an in-depth consultation, followed by a complete audit and evaluation. Then BlueSky ETO went to the drawing board to create a custom, turnkey solution for Gannett.

This solution won the 2015 PODi Best Practices Award in the Direct Marketing category.

We applied our technology solution to automate the process to remove extra steps, reduce labor, and streamline production.


Drop in Cycle Time


Decrease in Labor Needed to Manage Weekly Mailings

Newspapers Nationwide in Weekly Mailing

Achieved Reduced Cycle Times and Savings

Mailings are processed, qualified, printed, and mailed in just three days. Changes to content are managed centrally and changes can be made quickly and easily to variable content. Our solution includes:

  • A comprehensive content management system to store and distribute assets
  • An automated proofing system that detects any content changes and pushes the revised live proof directly to the user for fast approval. It sends only proofs that need to be changed, saving valuable time
  • An audit trail of content changes for review and confirmation
  • Ability to add new publications and communications into the system
  • Brand consistency across millions of subscriber communications

A Successful Partnership

The main reason for success was a deep understanding of the existing workflow and working hand in hand with our agency partner, Innerworkings. The system automates and streamlines production for their client, including the following benefits:

  • Automated mailing data receipt, processing, and qualification of mailing data
  • High-quality digital print on demand to eliminate postcard and letter inventory
  • A detailed production dashboard with real-time and historical views for mailing status and cost
  • Faster invoicing because costs can be allocated directly to the specified newspaper