Powerful Administration Features

Tailor your digital asset management experience to serve users and surpass goals.

Optimize Your Experience With Powerful Administration Features

Branding Capabilities

  • Branded Homepages. Create a custom homepage for your digital asset management system. Easily integrate Flash or custom HTML/JQuery features for an engaging, personalized experience.
  • Dynamic Skins. Use dynamic skins with CSS and custom images to create a system that strengthens your brand image.
  • Manage Multiple Brands. Manage multiple brands under a single digital asset management system. Use different skins and custom domain names to give each brand its own unique appearance.
  • Control User Access. Ensure users access the correct assets for their brand with simple permission controls.

Workflow Management

  • Advanced Workflow Options. Create and manage multiple workflow routes for different projects and approval scenarios.
  • Custom User Experiences. Upload and edit controls and exemptions for designated users to create a tailored workflow experience.
  • Workflow Communication. Improve user communication with workflow discussion features.

Version Control & Batch Modification

  • Full Version Control. Record and track changes to files and metadata. Preview version changes and revert or rollback to previous versions.
  • Batch Editing. Search and replace metadata quickly with batch mode modification.

Reporting Features

  • User Activity. View login and registration statistics for individual users and groups.
  • Asset Statistics. Guage and compare views and downloads for separate assets. Easily determine which assets are most popular among users.
  • Streamlined Auditing. Access a full event-based system audit trail.

Media Delivery

  • Server Integration. Integrate files with a streaming server for high-performance media delivery.
  • CDN Integration. Improve file availability and download speed by integrating your Digital Asset Management system with a Content Delivery Network.

Security Features

  • Password Encryption. Access to assets is fully protected by encrypted passwords.
  • Account Controls. Control user access with role-based permissions, as well as automated account expiry and reactivation workflows.
  • User Activity. Senior users can emulate other user accounts to test accessibility. View event-based user audit trails for increased security and support.
  • Control Access and Registration. Restrict access by IP address and waive option for off-site users. Choose from self-registration or invite-only registration settings.
  • Asset Expiration. Create optional expiry dates for specific assets. This feature is especially useful for files with limited licensing.
  • Security Protocols. Protect assets with SSL protocols.

Upload & Data Ingestion

  • View Progress. Monitor upload progress with a dynamic live progress bar.
  • Batch Uploading. Use Zip options to upload multiple assets in batches.
  • Automated Ingestion. Select folders for automated ingestion via FTP or file server.
  • Batch Metadata Editing. Use template-based data entry to batch apply metadata to multiple assets at once.
  • Duplicate Safeguards. MD5 checksums prevent duplicate uploads. Warnings can also be sent to administrators if duplicates exist outside of a user’s permission levels.
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Enjoy a streamlined experience with advanced security options.

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