Non-Profit Brand Management Software

Non-Profit Brand Management

Non-profit brand management and marketing is becoming increasingly complex. Marketers are seeking more effective ways to stimulate potential donors through multi-channel, personalized, and local marketing campaigns. Our brand marketing centers and automated campaign solutions can simplify these challenges for increased response rates. With BlueSky ETO your non-profit can create more targeted campaigns and maintain brand consistency while empowering local chapters to meet or exceed their fundraising goals.

Non-Profit Marketing for the 21st Century

local non profit brand compliance

Local Marketing Freedom
and Brand Compliance

Fundraisers can easily personalize their materials for individual recipients, chapters and geographic locations for improved response rates while staying brand compliant.

Non Profit Omni Channel Marketing Communications

Omni-Channel Marketing:
Any Platform at Any Time

Create multi-channel campaigns that meet donors on their terms with consistent, coordinated messaging. Keep your creative on brand regardless of the communication channel.

Improve Donor Engagement

Improved Donor Engagement,
Participation, and Retention

Personalized fundraising campaigns cut through the clutter and deliver the most effective message for each donor. Drive increased response and reduce donor churn.


BlueSky ETO helps The Make-A-Wish Foundation with a Brand Resource Center for their Chapters to leverage when building campaigns and a Sponsor Resource Center for their sponsors.

National PTA

The National PTA uses a Brand Marketing Center to enable their state congresses to quickly customize, order or download membership and outreach material while ensuring materials adhere to national brand standards.

Non Profit Agency Partnerships

We work with leading non-profit agencies, like True Sense Marketing to build sophisticated donor engagement programs to increase donations and improve donor retention.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers use our technology to order brand compliant store signage and marketing collateral for hundreds of their locations.

Brand Marketing Centers: Sophisticated, web-based marketing portals to meet your brand management needs. Streamline productions, improve marketing consistency and effectiveness for greater ROI. Learn more

Automated Marketing Campaigns: Produce marketing collateral based upon trigger events. Customized marketing templates and business rules seamlessly build, produce and distribute local marketing materials. Learn more

Digital Asset Management: A single, secure location for all your marketing collateral with robust tagging and version controls. Asset management that is fully integrated with your MarCom technology stack. Learn more

Brand Management Solution Demo: Try the BlueSky ETO solution for yourself with a Free Live Demo. Your program will be customized for your brand, but here’s a sample of the most popular features. Try the Demo Now

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