As a marketing executive, you know it takes time to build your brand. It’s a process that evolves as your business grows. Plus it depends on what type of business you’re involved in. Take the case of Apple and Samsung. Apple took many years to develop their innovative iPhone. Samsung took less than two years to ride that trend and deliver a competitive product to the marketplace.

Whatever path you’re taking (as a pioneer or colonizer), smart marketers turn to marketing operations management software to help them develop their brand. When you deploy an effective brand management software solution, you’ll build your brand. But you’ll also position your business for its deserved success.

Here’s how to build your brand with marketing operations management software.

Let’s Define Marketing Operations Management Software

marketing reporting softwareWhat is marketing operations management software? Simply defined, it’s a brand management solution that helps businesses meet their marketing needs. How so? As you build your brand, marketing operations management software provides three primary ingredients: a brand marketing center, automated marketing campaigns, and digital asset management.

Each needs a bit of explaining.

Brand Marketing Center

A brand marketing center is a web-based portal that lets your business customize its marketing materials while maintaining brand integrity and consistency. This software solution empowers your distributed marketers to deliver their local campaigns while maintaining a global brand identity.

Automated Marketing Campaigns

Automated marketing campaigns involve a pre-determined combination of marketing templates, creative assets, business rules, and reporting functions. They all work together to create a robust and engaging campaign. You may have heard automated marketing campaigns described more popularly as trigger campaigns, because they’re based on event triggers. Some examples could be the actions of a consumer or one of your own predetermined actions.

Think of an email campaign where you send specific types of messages depending on what the consumer does. For example, when someone provides their email address in exchange for a valuable piece of content, you follow up with an automated message. Then, based on the their actions, you’ll send more messages. This will nurture them through the sales funnel until they (hopefully) buy your product or service.

Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management is software that helps brands organize their marketing materials. It serves as a headquarters to provide brand assets to users “in the field.” This makes it easy to share everything from images and videos, to email signatures, logos, brand compliance guidelines, and much more. Any type of electronic file can be stored and downloaded via digital asset management.

Note: There’s a certain type of marketing operations management software from BlueSky ETO that’s easy to use and engineered to order specifically for your business. It features all three of these components. Want to know more? Keep reading or contact us now for a free brand consultation.

Cultivate Brand Compliance and Consistency

brand consistencyConsistency is important for any brand because studies show it helps increase revenue by almost 25% on average. It’s one of the primary reasons brands use marketing operations management software. They want to cultivate a culture of compliance and consistency—and the best way to do that is with a brand management software solution.

Did you know that most brands have brand compliance guidelines but only about a quarter of them impose those guidelines? One of the main reasons is that it’s simply difficult to do so. To enforce your brand compliance guidelines, the first step is to provide easy access. With marketing operations management software, you’re putting a readily accessible solution in place. This gives you power over your marketing materials so you can provide the proper solutions to your authorized users 24/7. That’s not only convenient, it’s sensible.

Consider a Brand Compliance Review

There may come a time when your business needs to conduct a brand compliance review. It could be at the outset of introducing your brand management software, or several months down the road. However you choose to enforce your brand standards, you can analyze the marketing efforts of your entire organization—regardless of how many locations you have.

Increase Productivity and Empower Local Marketers

Marketing operations management software makes your entire team more productive. It gives local marketers the power to create brand-compliant marketing materials without repeatedly asking for your input. This frees up your schedule, but it also allows your designers to focus on more important tasks. Brands that are “connected” in this fashion typically see their productivity rise by as much as 25%. A more productive brand is almost always a more profitable one, too.

Marketing operations management software also gives your local marketers a sense of empowerment. They’re in control of their own fate, so to speak. The marketing materials and guidelines you provide are already approved, so they just need to apply the principles and adjust the pre-approved ingredients into their own successful campaigns.

Speed Up Production Times

speed to marketWhen your distributed marketers and authorized users don’t have access to marketing operations management software, research shows they’ll spend 5x longer searching for brand assets. This is a waste of valuable time.

You can build your brand better when you speed up production, thus reducing the time local marketers spend looking for pre-approved ad templates, logos, and digital assets.

The same goes for your search. Let’s say you don’t have marketing operations management software working for you. The scenario is probably all too familiar as you search through your email or computer’s file folders for the right asset. When you have a brand portal, it’s easy to find exactly the right image with minimal effort.

Here’s an example you and your graphic designers might recognize. You have distributed marketers at every one of your locations. Each has their own individual marketing needs. When even a small number of these local marketers requests assistance, it adds up to a lot of time and effort spent helping them. When you’re using marketing operations management software, they can help themselves to the files and images they need, when and where they need them.

As Your Brand Grows, So Doe Your Marketing Operations Management Tools

As you build your brand with marketing operations management software, the sky’s the limit. That means you can grow as much as you want because the software will expand with you. If or when you add new locations and users, it’s a simple process. Then, once they’re part of your software system, they can begin developing their own marketing collateral just like any other authorized local user. This is not the only way your business grows, however. The same can be said about adding new customers to your database. So, as your mailing list and follower counts grow, your marketing duties don’t. Scalability is a key feature of marketing operations management software.

Reduce Marketing Waste

marketing operations management toolsThe marketing materials you’re accustomed to sending to every one of your local marketers could be going to waste. That’s because not all of your locations are exactly the same. Each location likely has different dimensions. Without marketing operations management software to provide only the marketing materials needed at any given time, they may wind up in the trash if they’re not usable.

Enter digital print-on-demand solutions. This is an integral part of any brand management system and it will help reduce marketing waste. With customizable templates, you can create and distribute your local marketing materials far more effectively. This would include banners, signs, and point-of-purchase displays of all sizes, plus digital marketing content, and more.

Enhance ROI

Last but not least, as you build your brand with marketing operations management software, you’ll also put yourself in the best position to enhance your marketing return on investment. Your software features all of the aforementioned functions, and all of them lead to an increased ROI. Brands that are effectively managed are worth about 20% more than those that aren’t. You can start with your local marketing efforts. As your distributed marketers take advantage of the software solution you’ve presented, they’ll create marketing materials that appeal to a local audience. Your brand can enhance its ROI by using marketing operations management software. It’s the marketing solution that helps everything else fall into place.

Marketing Operations Management Software Built for Your Brand

As you build your brand, marketing operations management software can be a difference maker in your marketing strategy. You’ll improve your brand compliance and consistency while increasing productivity and empowering distributed marketers to create their own success. The benefits don’t stop there, however. You’ll also speed up your production times, improved scalability, reduced marketing waste, and ultimately, experience an improved marketing ROI.

BlueSky ETO can help you build your brand with software that’s engineered to order for your organization. Schedule a free consultation to learn how marketing operations management software can help your marketing efforts today.

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How to Build Your Brand with Marketing Operations Management Software
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How to Build Your Brand with Marketing Operations Management Software
When you deploy an effective brand management software solution, you’ll build your brand. But you’ll also position your business for its deserved success. Here’s how to build your brand with marketing operations management software.
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