Brand Management for Independent Dealer Networks

BlueSky ETO has experience in building user-friendly solutions that your dealer networks will look forward to using. We are experienced with co-op marketing, warranty registrations and marketing collateral management for dealer networks. Better adoption means better results for your campaigns.

Marketing Support for Your Dealers

The challenge for brands that work with an indirect user base is providing a level of marketing support to the dealer base that allows them to market their independent business effectively while featuring your brand as prominently as possible. Brand Marketing Centers for the dealer market contain some key features that will help make your site a favorite:

  • Integrated co-op. Co-op balances can be used for purchases, and we can integrate to existing claims management and co-op management solutions;
  • Integrated sample management, including electronic integration with fulfillment partners and extensive reporting;
  • Integrated warranty registration;
  • Integrated e-commerce for promotional items, including integration with fulfillment partners.

Current, Approved, Accessible

Of course, your dealers will also have access to your brand materials, images, videos and more – and you control access while ensuring that only approved, current material is available to the user base.

  • Since 2010, a major building materials company, in partnership with BlueSky and TPA (, has saved millions of dollars by moving their sample ordering and reporting to the Brand Marketing Center.

Free Brand Marketing Consultation

BlueSky ETO builds brand management solutions based on your organization's unique needs and goals rather than offering every customer the same software. Let us demonstrate how we can help your brand with a free, no-obligation consultation.
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