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Brand Management for Independent Dealer Networks

Forget forcing adoption on reluctant dealers. BlueSky ETO creates marketing solutions independent dealers are actually EXCITED to use. Why wouldn’t they be? Our Brand Marketing Centers, Digital Asset Management Systems, Marketing Templates, and other digital tools are designed around your brand’s goals and your dealers’ needs.

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Software That Empowers Independent Dealers
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Bridge the Gap Between Brand and Dealer

Data drives your strategy—don’t let it get lost in translation. Store and share digital assets, marketing tools, and tracking data. Learn How a Brand Marketing Center Makes It Possible
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Stop Wasting Time and Resources

Each independent dealer has unique needs and goals. Help them find, create, edit, and order their collateral through one streamlined system. Take Advantage of Web to Print Solutions
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What drives your buyers?

When is your marketing most effective? Which efforts are driving sales? Gain the insights you need to improve your marketing strategy. Track Your Buyer’s Journey With Robust Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see some examples of your marketing solutions in action?
BlueSky ETO creates marketing solutions that are engineered to order. Our approach gives us the ability to help a wide variety of brands and business types achieve their goals. You can explore some of those success stories on our Case Studies page.

You can also contact us to learn more about how we’ve helped Independent Dealer Clients like you. Here are just a few of the results we delivered for TPA, a leading co-op management and Trade Marketing company:

  • Saved the client $250,000 per quarter by transforming a wasteful, untrackable sample-ordering process into a streamlined solution that eliminated costly duplicate orders.
  • Saved the client $10,000 a month by eliminating creative services costs incurred for customizing dealer collateral.
  • Increased warranty registrations by 10%, while reducing the effort of getting accurate information into the system by moving warranty registration to the portal.

Learn more about the solutions we created for this independent dealer client here.

What if my independent dealers don't want to adopt a new system?
Independent dealers are just that—independent. They have their own strategies, and often, their own digital tools and software systems. With Brand Marketing Centers and other tools from BlueSky ETO, you can offer dealers a full marketing portal, or simply fill in the gaps to provide the marketing solutions their current tools can’t address.
How can BlueSky ETO help MY brand?
We know that no two brands are alike. That’s why we take the time to learn about your goals and challenges first. We’ll build and customize our software around your needs to equip you with the tools you really want—and none of the ones you don’t. Schedule your free brand consultation to discuss real world examples of how we can improve your marketing results.
Encourage Independent Dealer Networks to Amplify Your Brand
Your brand deserves to be in the spotlight. Help dealers put you there by providing them with easy to use tools that integrate with their current systems. Imagine what your network could accomplish with capabilities like these:
Co-Op Marketing. Integrate existing claims management and co-op budgeting tools into a more comprehensive, streamlined system. Help independent dealers put their co-op dollars where they’ll count, and use our robust reporting to gain insight into their marketing results.
Sample Management. Make ordering and managing brand samples easier than ever. Reduce waste by helping dealers select exactly what they need without wasting additional time and money on unneeded materials.
Warranty Registration. Improve the ease of warranty registration and send automatic reminders to increase registration. Make updated warranty information available to all independent dealers at the click of a button.
E-Commerce Integration. Improve brand compliance and simplify the process of ordering branded materials and promotional items.
Customized Collateral. Marketing templates give independent dealers the ability to customize signage and other marketing materials to meet their needs without sacrificing your brand guidelines.
Software Solutions for Growing Brands
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Scalable Solutions

BlueSky ETO’s brand portals and digital tools are engineered to order. When your independent dealer network grows, your tools will be up to the challenge.
Robust reporting on marketing collateral production, delivery and effectiveness

Sales Attribution Simplified

What inspires your customers to cross the finish line? Our tracking data will give you the insights you need to understand and excite customers.
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Connect Your Campaigns

Direct mail, email, social media, in-store displays—connect your marketing campaigns to ensure you’re telling the same brand story on every platform.
API Integration with Your Organization's existing software for Improved Usability and Reporting

Improve Integration

Work with your independent dealers, not against them. BlueSky ETO can engineer solutions that integrate with current systems and provide the added support.
How can BlueSky ETO Brand Management Software empower your independent dealer network?
Brand Management solutions to Improve Marketing ROI

Improve Marketing ROI

Brand Management software that is “Engineered to Order. ” Includes powerful editing tools and asset management that’s easy to use.
Marketing Software to Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Customizable marketing templates let local marketers quickly create premier quality ads without graphic design experience.
Maintain Brand Compliance with Brand Management Software

Maintain Brand Compliance

Control your brand’s identity. Empower local marketers to be creative with integrated approvals prior to production of ad materials.
Marketing Software for Distributed Brands

Empower Local Markets

Marketing collateral that’s simple to produce with web-based brand resource centers, marketing asset libraries and brand guidelines.
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Free Brand Marketing Consultation

Contact us for a free, personalized demonstration of BlueSky ETO brand management solutions based on your organization’s unique needs.

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Experience the easy-to-use power of BlueSky ETO’s brand management software with a test flight in our free Live Demo – the Flight Simulator.