Digital Asset Management software

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management software helps marketing departments organize assets and make them available to users in the field. Our core offering is a cloud-based, web-accessible solution with customizable levels of storage. Of course our Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution integrates with our Brand Marketing Center and our Automated Marketing Production offerings to deliver maximum control and flexibility in marketing production for your distributed brand.

Many organizations struggle to keep their field users up to date with the latest versions of marketing assets – images, logos, videos, documents and copy. The BlueSky ETO Digital Asset Management system houses and organizes all your digital assets in one easy-to-search, permission-based location.

Digital Asset Management FAQs

See our Digital Asset Management Frequently Asked Questions to see if a DAM system is right for your organization.

Digital Asset Management Core Features

Advanced Search

Advanced searching, filtering and retrieval capabilities. Save time – no more searching for and emailing image files!

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Powerful Administration

Part of the Engineered to Order experience is modifying the administration tools to suit your classification and metadata structure, resulting in easy-to-use administration features and powerful search/filter options for end-users.

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Organization and Sharing

We make it easy for each user to organize multiple collections of assets, and then securely share these collections, or individual assets, with partners.

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Multiple File Formats

Ensure your users can get the file formats they need. Content Delivery Network available for fast download times worldwide.

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Who We Serve

There are many challenges faced by brand marketers seeking to maintain brand consistency in far-flung locations, while allowing for localized variation in content and presentation.

Agencies are challenged by the brands they serve to solve communication, consistency and resource issues between central marketing and the remote field user-base.

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