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Marketing Collateral Management Made Easy: The Power of a Digital Asset Library

One out of ten companies are already using a digital asset management system. Is it you, or one of your competitors? Outpace the competition and shift your marketing into high gear with a system that’s engineered to order around your brand’s needs. Forget wasting hours on endless email threads and desktop scavenger hunts. With a Digital Asset Library from BlueSky ETO, finding and securely sharing the files you need is easier than ever. Through our fully integrated Brand Marketing Centers, digital assets can also be used to create customizable marketing templates. Reduce your marketing campaign cycle time, support brand consistency, and protect your brand from copyright infringement and leaked data—all with one easy to use software system.

Digital Asset Library Features

Text Search and Metadata
  • Use our easy keyword based text search to quickly find the assets you need. Use search grammar (like Boolean & wildcards), concept filtering or faceted search, or a folder/category search.
  • Add digital assets to multiple folders, or attach documents and other assets to a master asset.
  • Our Digital Asset Libraries allow for searches to cross reference linked assets, and for search and indexing of text asset content and documents.
  • Embedded metadata support (IPTC, XMP and ID3) allows user to search through metadata contained in files like logos, photos, and graphics.
Filter Management
  • Easily manage filters for category, taxonomy, and Lightbox selections (or files marked as favorites).
  • Digital Asset Libraries are equipped with unlimited user Lightboxes which can be personal or shared.
  • Easily merge, duplicate, remove, and add notes to Lightboxes and the assets they contain.
  • Utilize contact sheet downloads to allow unregistered users to download assets.
  • Protect your filter settings with fully encrypted passwords.
Role-Based Permission Levels
  • Protect your digital asset library by configuring different levels of access for different user groups.
  • Select self-registration and/or invite only registration options.
  • Create optional expiry dates for assets (great for assets with restricted licences).
  • Specify usage guidelines and deadlines for digital assets and marketing collateral.
  • Easily manage communication between users who order marketing collateral and approvals departments.
Custom Workflow Management
  • Create multiple workflow routes, re-configurable workflows for different asset approval scenarios, and upload and edit controls for designated users (and exemptions).
  • Utilize workflow discussion.
  • Customize usage approval workflows for managed assets.
Uploading and Ingestion
  • View upload progress with a dynamic live upload progress bar.
  • Upload multiple digital assets in .zip form.
  • Select folders for automated ingestion via FTP or file server.
  • Use template-based data entry to batch apply metadata to multiple assets, including MD5 checksums to prevent duplicate uploads.
  • Warnings will be issued to administrators if duplicates exist outside of a user’s permissions.
  • Monitor login and registration statistics.
  • Track media delivery, asset popularity statistics, and individual asset statistics.
  • Gain insights through a full event-based system audit trail.
  • Experience streamlined reporting integrated with streaming servers and CDNs (Content Delivery Networks).
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