Benefits of a Brand Marketing Center

The Brand Marketing Center lets you create brand approved templates, a digital asset library, and brand guidelines, then allow authorized local users to develop customized creative that meets their needs while adhering to brand standards.

Centralize Your Brand Communications While Enabling Local Marketers

Your organization works diligently to craft marketing communications that engage customers through a variety of channels including print, direct mail, digital and point of sale materials. You want each of those marketing collateral materials to speak with a common voice and consistent imagery that builds your brand equity. Brand Management Solutions like the BlueSky ETO Brand Marketing Center enable you to centralize your brand communications while enabling local marketers to optimize materials for their individual needs.

Benefits of our Brand Marketing Center solution include:

Improved Marketing Return on Investment

Your marketing materials are more relevant to local audiences, so response rates rise. Powerful editing tools reduce waste and shorten production times to improve ROI. Tracking data shows exactly what is working to let you make more effective decisions about future marketing decisions.

Increased Productivity

Local marketers can create their own marketing collateral using customizable templates without the need for advanced graphic design skills. Your entire team is more efficient and your designers can use their time more effectively to build the brand.

Brand Compliance and Consistency

You control the templates, logos and digital assets so the right creative is always available with a few quick keystrokes. Built-in brand guidelines and approvals ensure marketing materials adhere to brand identity before it’s produced.

Local Marketer Empowerment

Your distributed workforce can quickly respond to local marketing needs without repeatedly requesting the same materials. Customizable templates let them promote special events, location specific details or special offers quickly and easily.

Faster Production Times

Eliminate wasted time searching through email or file folders for approved images. The right image is just a few clicks away, customize for your needs and send. Our Brand marketing centers can integrate with your existing production services or help you find the best solution for your needs through our preferred partners.

Improved Scalability

New locations are simple to add and since they can easily develop their own collateral, your design team isn’t overwhelmed with repeated requests for the same materials. We can also build automated marketing production solutions that build your creative based on triggered events and pre-determined business rules.

Reduced Marketing Waste

Reduced development times and streamlined production eliminate errors and create less waste through digital print-on-demand solutions.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Respond quicker to market needs and opportunities to gain a competitive edge. The software grows with you, so you’ll always stay a step ahead of your competition.

Global Capabilities

The Brand Marketing Center lets you easily adjust your ad creative to numerous languages rather than spending time and money with translation services. Color changes can also be made to better fit cultural preferences in any market.
Learn more about how a Brand Marketing Center can benefit your organization with this blog article: Seven Benefits of a Brand Marketing Center.

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Benefits of a Brand Marketing Center
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