Automated Marketing Campaigns

Automated Marketing Campaigns

Automated Marketing Campaigns, or “Trigger Marketing Campaigns” are designed for central marketing to execute repeatable, consistent, local campaigns on behalf of their local partners. Collateral design and production is done through a pre-determined combination of templates, creative assets, business rules and reporting.

Automated local marketing campaign solutions utilize creative templates that are populated by merging brand assets and data under the control of specific business rules. Any ongoing or repeating communications can be automated, streamlined, and distributed via print ads, point of sale displays, email marketing, SMS, or social channels. Results are tracked and available in detailed reporting.

Automated Marketing Campaigns – Core Features

Using sophisticated program automation developed by BlueSky ETO, you can streamline your complex, data-driven marketing campaigns, delivered across multiple channels, minimizing costly human interaction. Features of our system include:

Improve Marketing Efficiency with Automated Marketing Collateral Production

Production Automation

Improve Marketing Efficiency with shortened cycle times. Reducing your campaign management time by up to 80% for fewer headaches, with accurate and consistent delivery of your marketing communications.

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Robust Reporting

Robust reporting capabilities for both production and delivery status along with response rate details allow you to focus on making strategic decisions based on real-time marketing feedback and results.

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Robust reporting on marketing collateral production, delivery and effectiveness
Personalized Marketing Content for your Brand and Customers

Highly Personalized Content

Highly personalized communications produced with intelligent business rules, automated templates and variable data personalization generally receive higher response rates than generic marketing campaigns.

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API Integration

Trigger campaigns from your marketing data source easily and seamlessly. We are experts at integrating Automated Campaign Management with your existing software platforms. See how effectively this approach can work for you.

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API Integration with Your Organization's existing software for Improved Usability and Reporting

Who We Serve

Distributed brand marketers face many challenges as they work to maintain brand consistency in far-flung locations. BlueSky ETO helps brand managers by allowing for localized variation in content and presentation while maintaining brand standards.

Agencies are challenged by the brands they serve to solve communication, consistency and resource issues between central marketing and the remote field user-base. BlueSky ETO makes this challenge simple to overcome with solutions engineered to meet your needs.

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BlueSky ETO builds brand management solutions based on your organization's unique needs and goals rather than offering every customer the same software. Let us demonstrate how we can help your brand with a free, no-obligation consultation.
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