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Improved Brand Management Through Technology

Your clients are facing new challenges as they market their brands. You want to help them leverage technology to achieve their goals, but you’re not application development experts. BlueSky ETO can help fill that skills gap for your agency. We develop custom brand management software, automated marketing campaigns and digital asset management solutions for some of the most prestigious brands and agencies in the world and we would like to help you too. We can take the lead as your partner in the software development process, or stay behind the scenes if you prefer.

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The BlueSky ETO Difference:

We build customized brand management solutions for your clients. We are not an agency or print broker looking to take your customer or an off-the- shelf software solution that only works with a single, preferred vendor. We are your resource to help improve your clients’ marketing efficiency, response rates and return on investment. Request a free consultation for more details.

Shaping the Future of Brand Management:

Here are a few highlights from the DMA’s 2017 Statistical Fact book that demonstrate the value of brand management software for today’s marketers.

1. Only 4% of franchise owners can create or modify branded marketing materials.

2. Just 8% of requests for new or customized local marketing materials made by franchisees to their national marketing team are completed in a day or less.

3. 47% of retailers indicate that the lack of efficient marketing platforms as a major obstacle preventing them from delivering more personalized marketing to their customers.

4. Direct mail customer response rates have increased 43% year-over- year in 2016.

5. Prospect response rates more than doubled in the same period as brands discovered the power of using buying and online browsing behavior to prompt personalized mail using variable data printing.

6. Trigger email campaigns, or automated marketing campaigns received a 6.5% click rate in 2016 compared to 1.6% click rate for traditional campaigns.

7. Facebook is the most effective social media channel for nonprofits, followed by Twitter, however 41% of nonprofits have not allocated any ad spend to these outlets.

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Brand marketing software for brand management agencies

Brand Marketing Centers

Customized self-serve portals for distributed marketing teams to design and produce local marketing materials.

Automated marketing campaigns for your agency clients

Automated Campaigns

Fully automated variable data marketing campaigns based on business rules and trigger events.

Digital asset management software for brands

Digital Asset Management

Powerful tools to manage and effectively utilize all the brand’s marketing collateral from a single, secure online location.

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