Retail Brand Management Solutions

Retail brand management can be extremely challenging for marketers as you strive to develop, produce and deliver marketing materials for each location in a timely manner. Our digital asset management solutions, user customized templates, and powerful production capabilities help you develop a complete array of in-store and digital marketing materials to meet the needs of every location more effectively.

Localized and Personalized

Retail businesses typically have locations around the country or the globe where localization of offers or product selection is paramount. We are expert at automating high-volume, heavily versioned, variable-data communications in multiple channels including print, email and SMS.

  • We have created an automated solution that allows direct-mail marketing company MSP to digitally print all the cards ordered at Hallmark’s Ink & Main site.
  • A national network of veterinary hospitals uses our system for appointment and service reminders on behalf of each individual practice.
  • A high-end fashion retailer uses our solution to send customized thank you messages from the boutique locations.
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