Powerful Administration


  • Custom home pages
  • Integrate Flash or custom HTML/JQuery home page and other content
  • Dynamic skins based presentation using CSS and custom images
  • Multi-brand option (use single system with multiple skins and domain names)
  • Custom domain name for each brand
  • Segregate access to assets based on the user’s brand

Workflow Management

  • Multiple workflow routes
  • Re-configurable workflows for different asset approval scenarios
  • Upload and edit controls for designated users (and exemptions)
  • Workflow discussion

Version Control & Batch Modification

  • Full version control for both assets files and metadata
  • Version preview, revert and rollback options
  • Search and replace metadata in batch mode


  • Login and registration statistics
  • Asset popularity statistics
  • Individual asset statistics
  • Full event based system audit trail

Media Delivery

  • Integrated with streaming server
  • Integrated with CDNs (Content Delivery Networks)


  • Fully password protected using encrypted passwords
  • Automated account expiry and reactivation workflow
  • Account emulation facility for senior users
  • Restrict to IP Address and waive option for off-site users
  • Event based user audit trail for security and support
  • Roles based permissions
  • Configurable asset access security permissions for different groups of users
  • Self-registration and/or invite only registration option
  • Optional expiry date for assets (e.g. for time restricted licences)
  • Support SSL for secure repositories

Upload & Ingestion

  • Dynamic live upload progress bar
  • Zip upload multiple assets in batches
  • Watched folders for automated ingestion via FTP or file server
  • Template based data entry to batch apply metadata to multiple assets
  • MD5 checksums to prevent duplicate uploads
  • Warning to administrator if duplicate exists outside user’s permissions
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