Organization and Sharing

Digital Asset Organization and Sharing Made Easy

Easily organize and share digital files with Digital Asset Management from BlueSky ETO. Here are a few of our clients’ favorite sharing capabilities:

Lightbox (favorites)

  • Unlimited user lightboxes
  • Personal and public lightboxes
  • Add notes to assets and lightboxes
  • Merge, duplicate and remove lightboxes
  • Contact sheet downloads (allows unregistered users to download assets)

Requesting Assets

  • Cart for requesting assets
  • Direct download for pre-approved assets
  • Customizable usage approval workflows for rights managed assets
  • Order management interface
  • Managed dialogue between orderer and approver
  • Deadline and usage specification
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Retail Brand Management

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Experience the easy-to-use power of BlueSky ETO’s brand management software with a test flight in our free Live Demo – the Flight Simulator.

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