Multiple File Formats

Store and share digital assets in multiple file formats with Digital Asset Management from BlueSky ETO. All image, layout, document, audio and video formats can be stored. Images can be transformed on upload or download.

Supported file formats include:

extension file type
max 3D
swf Animation
mp3 Audio
wav Audio
doc Document
docx Document
rtf Document
ps Font
tft Font
ttf Font
eps Image
gif Image
jpeg Image
jpg Image
png Image
psd Image
tif Image
tiff Image
indd InDesign
ppt Presentation
pptx Presentation
pdf Print
csv Spreadsheet
xls Spreadsheet
xlsx Spreadsheet
avi Video
flv Video
h264 Video
m4v Video
mov Video
mp4 Video
mpeg Video
mpg Video
vob Video
wmv Video


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