Franchise Brand Management Solutions

Franchise Brand Management Solutions

Franchise organizations face unique challenges in the development and distribution of marketing collateral including print ads, direct mail, digital campaigns, and point of sale displays. Marketing leaders need brand management solutions that can handle different levels of franchisee participation with a variety of individual location requirements and capabilities. Our solutions help you overcome these challenges. Digital Asset Libraries with self-serve Brand Marketing Centers, or Automated Marketing Campaign solutions can simplify your franchise marketing while generating improved response rates.

Solve Brand Marketing Challenges and Improve Local Marketing Effectiveness
Local Franchise Marketing Compliance

Local Marketing Freedom
and Brand Compliance

Empower franchisees with the marketing assets they need while keeping local collateral brand compliant. BlueSky ETO can help by designing a universal marketing resource with brand approved assets and locally customizable marketing templates. Every location gets the materials they want while maintaining global brand compliance.

Omni-channel marketing solutions for franchise businesses

Omni-Channel Marketing:
Any Platform at Any Time

Franchise marketers need coordinated marketing materials for all channels. Point of sale displays and direct mail need to work alongside email and social media. Your marketing should influence consumers everywhere they interact with your brand. Our solutions are multi-channel, built to order, and scalable to meet your marketing goals.

Improve Franchise Marketing efficiency

Shorter Production Times
and Reduced Waste

Franchisees aren’t stuck waiting for marketing materials they need or wasting their marketing dollars on displays that don’t work for their stores. Each location can edit their point of sale materials to reflect individual prices, language and local variations in a few easy steps without any graphic design software experience.

Don’t settle for a brand management solution that doesn’t meet your needs. Every solution we offer is custom built for your organization.

Brand Marketing Centers: Sophisticated, web-based marketing portals to meet your brand management needs. Streamline productions, improve marketing consistency and effectiveness for greater ROI. Learn more

Automated Marketing Campaigns: Produce marketing collateral based upon trigger events. Customized marketing templates and business rules seamlessly build, produce and distribute local marketing materials. Learn more

Digital Asset Management: A single, secure location for all your marketing collateral with robust tagging and version controls. Asset management that is fully integrated with your MarCom technology stack. Learn more

Brand Management Solution Demo: Try the BlueSky ETO solution for yourself with a Free Live Demo. Your program will be customized for your brand, but here’s a sample of the most popular features. Try the Demo Now

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